Rooftop Bars Barcelona

Barcelona is a smart city where you can have fun and some of the best places to go after dark are the rooftop bars in Barcelona. Whether you’re just visiting or living in Barcelona, there’s a bar for you. Here are five of our faves.

Barcelona Rooftop Bars

#1 The Pulitzer Terrace at Hotel Pulitzer

The first on the list of the top five rooftop bars in Barcelona is The Pulitzer Terrace. A lot of people are fond of going to this rooftop bar because of its landscape design that resembles a garden. This is the perfect ambience for people who just want to have a good time and enjoy a few drinks on their own or with other people.

The amazing view will definitely be a good match with the cocktails that they have on their menu. If you are planning to visit this bar anytime soon, you will find it located at Carrer Bergara, 8 Ciutat Vella.

There is no perfect time to visit this rooftop bar because the ambience is just very chill and welcoming that will suit anyone’s mood whatever time of the day it is. These are just some of the reasons why The Pulitzer is included in the list of top 5 rooftop bars in Barcelona, but for sure you will find many other reasons to visit it and continue doing so after visiting it for the first time.

#2 Ohla Chillout Terrace at Ohla Barcelona

Just what the name is implying, this is exactly the place where you will be able to come and expect to be able to have a drink and relax under the sun while enjoying the breathtaking view of the city. In addition to that, the reason why it is also included in the list of the top 5 rooftop bars in Barcelona is that this is one of the best ways by which a person can enjoy a view and relax at the same time while enjoying Ohla Chillout Terrace’s draught beer.

This is considered as one of the best items on the rooftop bar’s menu, so it is not surprising that people come back for it after enjoying it for the first time. Being in this rooftop bar will give anyone the chance to feel like they have escaped the city, when in fact they are just actually in the middle of one; but spending a couple of hours in this bar is definitely worth it because anyone will really be able to recharge and take some time for themselves.

For anyone interested to visit, it is located at Via Laietana, 49 Barri Gotic.

#3 Terraza Ayre at Ayre Rosellon Hotel

This bar is located directly in front of Sagrada Familia and its terrace allows the visitors to have a spot where they can just sit and enjoy something from the menu. You can choose from a variety of options for their food such as dessert, tapas, sandwiches, and snacks, partnered with the best from their menu which can be a glass of wine that is exquisite.

This experience will definitely allow someone to have a breather and just enjoy what’s literally in front of him/her; the place is spacious enough for one to be able to find the perfect spot whether it be a deck chair, lounger, or even a sofa. With these amazing amenities, It should not be that surprising why this bar is considered as on of the top five rooftop bars in Barcelona

Terraza Ayre is at Rossello, 390 la Sagrada Familia.

#4 La Terraza del Claris at Claris Hotel

This is another bar that is just right to be included in the top rooftop bars in Barcelona because of the right balance between its coziness and elegance while expecting to still have the best time. It cannot be argued that it offers one of the best views, but what keeps people coming back is the fact that it has such a stylish design.

Of course, the ambience and the environment will not be complete without a restaurant to serve people amazing food and relaxing drinks; on their menu, they have their Mediterranean cocktails to boast of. This rooftop bar will definitely be able to give you an amazing time and will allow you to relax even for a couple of hours.

#5 Terraza Colon at Colon Hotel

This bar is located right at the center of the city and it offers one of the best views anyone can find in the city, but even though it is in the middle of everything that’s happening within Barcelona, anyone who visits will definitely feel relaxed and at peace.

Upon getting at Terraza Colon, one can already order the best item on their menu which is a glass of their wine, along with some snacks to help complete the mood of relaxation. It’s amazing that even though this can transport anyone to a different place, anyone would definitely feel right at home in this place.

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