Where to live in Barcelona

where to live in barcelona

Are you looking for a place to live in the amazing city of Barcelona? Here you will find the answer! We will be talking about 7 areas across the city and explaining the different reasons why these are the best neighborhoods to live in. It does not matter if you are looking forward to buying or renting… after reading this you will find the perfect place to move!

Where to live in Barcelona


The best place to live in Barcelona is known to be Pedralbes. It is defined as a rich and luxurious neighborhood so this should only be considered if you have a lot of money to spend on buying or renting. It is located in the northern part of the city and that is why it offers really big green areas so happy families can go for a walk. It is mainly residential so noise will definitely not be a problem!


Sarrialgave is a very exclusive neighborhood due to the luxe that you can feel while walking down the streets. However, there are also apartments and houses for families or students who want to rent and live here. There are many shops, supermarkets, bars, restaurants and even night clubs for those who like to party! All in all, Sarrialgave has everything you need!

Las Tres Tortes

This is a very good alternative for rich families who want to live in this big city, but also benefit from its terrains because this is a very residential neighborhood where people can live comfortably, far away from their neighboors. Even though it is far from downtown Barcelona, it also has some shops so people who live here do not need to drive all the way to the city to do the groceries. If you want to live in a big house away from the city noise, Las Tres Torres is what you were looking for! But only if you can afford it because this place is not cheap.

Les Corts

This is a very desired neighborhood for college students who just moved to Barcelona because it is located near some colleges. It is known to be a calmed area, even though there are many young people, and also very safe! If you like to go out every day to eat something at a bar or a restaurant… this is the one! Les Corts offers a wide range of places to eat something at really good prices (keeping in mind that living in Barcelona is very expensive). Moreover, the Camp Nou is located here so if you are a football you should definitely come here!

El Eixample

El Eixample is known to be a different area because the streets, unlike the rest of Barcelona’s, are really organized in perfect “grids”. The buildings are incredibly beautiful so if there’s an architect reading this… you should check it out! It is frequented by college students too, but this area is known to be loud, hustle and bustle… so if you are looking for a calmer place to live… maybe this is not it.


Gracialgave is also very famous because living in this neighborhood is like living in somewhere else, but definitely not Barcelona. It gives these old village vibes due to its architecture, that also combines modern and ancient. It is very different from the rest of the city. However, many college students and young adults tend to live here because Gracialgave; counts with a very expanded night clubs chains! This is perfect for those who like to party every night but who also enjoy going for a walk in its big green areas and plazas full of bars and restaurants.


This is located in the Collserola mountain range and it is the Catalan bourgeoise’s favorite place. From this altitude, Vallvidriera’s residents have the best scenery of the entire city. We can expect that, after knowing this, it is going to be a very expensive place to live where luxe follows where you go (if you can afford it). The architecture is mainly ancient but it also counts with big modern houses for families and even if it looks like it is far away from downtown… that is not right! It is actually pretty close, so you can benefit from both, the calmed Vallvidriera’s vibes and closeness to the city.

As you can see, there are many neighborhoods in the big city of Barcelona so you can find the perfect one for yourself. Check out a few more here. Did you find the one you were looking for? What are you waiting for?

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