5 Barcelona Pools To Cool Down In Summer

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We have all heard that Barcelona’s weather can sometimes be unbearable due to the summer’s heat and humidity. That is why many locals and also tourists enjoy going to the beach and relax on the Mediterranean Sea while tanning under the sun. However, Barcelona is one of the most famous places in the world and that is the reason why it is always extremely crowded, especially in summer, and going to the beach is not always a good idea. If you’re not one of the lucky ones to have your own pool what can we do in order to cool down? Find a swimming pool! Here are the five best Barcelona swimming pools!

Best Barcelona Pools

Cem Can Dragó

Cem Can Dragó is also known as the Can Dragó Lake, even though it is a pool, due to its vast area. In fact, it is famous because it is one of the larger and bigger pools in the city and is more than 1500 m2.

This outdoors pool includes a huge green space and a bar where visitors can buy some drinks, ice creams, sandwiches.

It is also perfect for families with little kids or even babies because it counts with a non-deep pool where the youngest of all can have lots of fun too! It is advisable not to go in the morning (even though when the temperature really goes up because it is usually extremely crowded.

It is open every single day of the week from June to September and located in Rosellò i Porcell Street 7-11.

Parque de la Creueta de Coll

The second pool you definitely need to check out is the Parque de la Creueta de Coll, located in Mare de Déu del Coll 77 (Gracià). It was built in 1987 by McKay and Martorell. Many guests claim that this is the best alternative to going to the beach due to the fact that it is quite near to it and the way it looks it really feels as if you were in an actual beach.

It has an artificial beach with sand and palm trees to make it look like a paradise. It includes a space for children and babies so parents do not need to worry about their safety, deck chairs, sun umbrellas, nursing services in case someone gets hurt. If you’re one of those parents who is concerned about the kids catching a virus from a public pool, don’t worry as Parque de la Creueta de Coll has an excellent pool cleaning system and a regime that works! Recently, they made some changes to make it look even better so why don’t you go and see what they have done?

Torre de les Aigües

Torre de les Aigües is an iconic place due to its history: it was built in 1870 to supply water to the first building in El Eixample neighborhood. It is known as the Eixample beach. Only are 200 people allowed in and what has really intrigued its guests is its low prices (compared to some other pools in Barcelona and having in mind that this is an expensive city).

It does not have deep pools so if any parents are looking for a relaxing place to bring their kids and have fun without worrying about their safety, this is it!

It is located in Roger de Llúria 56.

Cem Guinardó

Cem Guinardó is waiting for you with its 16000 m2! It is located in the Guinardó’s neighborhood in the Telègraf Street 31-41 and offers these amazing and panoramic views of the entire city. However, you may be thinking this swimming pool must be outrageously expensive… Well, fortunately for you that is not true! It is actually really economic if you think about everything you can do here. Not only you can use this incredible outdoor pool, but also the sports club which includes a football field. For the FC Martinenc fans… you should definitely come to this place and check it out.

Club Natació Atlètic-Barceloneta

Last but not least, the Club Natació Atlètic-Barceloneta includes two gigantic swimming pools for adults and professional swimmers and a kids’ pool too! Best part? All three of them are outdoors! But that is not it… it also has a heated indoor pool for babies! This pool offers a small private beach area where visitors can relax, tan and have a great time under the sun umbrellas. Moreover, if you are feeling hungry you should know there are also a restaurant and a bar! This place is located in Plaza del Mar s/n.

These five swimming pools are the best ones in the entire city of Barcelona. They offer amazing services for their beloved guests so you want to go again every single day! What are you waiting for? Planning your next trip? These pools are waiting for you!

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