Our house offers contemporary cuisine, using quality raw material, traditional working and honest caring for the product.

At "El Bar" we elaborate traditional "tapas" by bringing back classic flavors that our guests can understand and enjoy without complexities, being the product, its careful preparation and presentation, the protagonists. Our menu also offers main dishes which are more filling and follow the philosophy of our cuisine as well.

We like combining sea and mountain flavors, since they are both part of the identity of our land. We aim to reach the public getting them to understand that our kitchen is clear and very thoughtful. At "El Bar" our guest can either enjoy a light tapa or a gourmet dish. Diners can create their own dining experience in a cozy, intimate and fun atmosphere. Walls covered with old diaries from the 70's, wooden tables, comfortable sofas and armchairs are part of that experience.

Thanks to our reliable suppliers we deal with high quality products, from fresh and seasonal to fine preserved as well as carefully selected ham and cheese.

The team of "El Bar" is made up of professional experts who are committed to good taste and willing to give our guests live a memorable experience by enjoying both the cuisine and the service, in the elegant and relaxed atmosphere that can be found in our house.


We have at your disposal a private dining room, for both individuals and professionals events, in which you can enjoy our cuisine, wine and service.

At "El Bar" we can collaborate in the creation and management of events, specializing in private lunches and dinners, professional meetings, product presentations, among others.

The private room is located on the second floor of "The Bar" is an open, relaxed space with large windows.

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At “El Bar” we retake classic flavours from the bar culture, being the product and its elaboration, the protagonists of our tapas and main courses. We are a “Bar” with restaurant service, adapted to the XXI century.


We have a dynamic winery, with more than 80 references, which offers generous, sparkling and sweet wines both national and international. Likewise a variety of liquors and spirits to be enjoyed at the counter or at a cozy table.


Here you can make your reservations and also know the availability of the private lounge.

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13:00h - 16:00h and 19:30h - 23:30h

13:00h - 16:00h

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Tuesday to Saturday:
13:00h - 1:00h

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